Alexis Van Etten (Mrs. V)

It’s honestly so hard to even describe the situation we had going on at our house. It was weird, time consuming, and when you googled it there were no answers… Then we found Cindy and Let’s Train Your Dog! We have an almost 3-year-old Golden Doodle and he is literally one of the best dogs we’ve ever had, but he was highly addicted to TV. It sounds absurd, but it was to the point where he wouldn’t eat, sleep, go outside, or even play with his brothers if the television was on. I came home from work one evening, turned my back and he had destroyed the TV. He would stand there panting, drooling, and was totally non-responsive to commands anytime the TV was on. Nothing existed in his world, except for the TV when it was on. We shopped around for a trainer and others attempted to “fix” this very unusual behavior with no luck. We also had trainers tell us that they didn’t know how to help us. Then we called Cindy and she assured us that Let’s Train Your Dog was the answer. She came to our home to check out the unique situation we were in. We decided that it would be best if he went to spend some time working closely with her and Jess (who is also amazing!). She guaranteed us that if we stuck to the rules that we would be able to establish dominance and be in charge again. The skills she practiced with us and him literally changed our lives. At first, we doubted the whole thing, but she also made us a promise and guarantee that she followed through with. Our dog is home and done a complete 180 in terms of his behaviors. We can’t recommend Let’s Train Your Dog enough! It has restored normalcy to our home and just in time for our new baby to join our family. Thank you, Cindy and Jess! We couldn’t have done it without you.