David Woods

Cindy is quite simply a life saver!
I have a 11 month old Great Dane and a 2 year old terrier rescue that I've had since late October. The terrier was obviously abused in her past life and has severe separation anxiety, destructive behaviors and would not stop peeing in my house. After months of trying to work with her I decided to try one more trainer and if that didn't work I would have to put her down because if I couldn't train her no one else would take her either. Searching in desperation I came across Cindy's web site and gave her a call. She promptly set an appointment with me the for that week. Cindy arrived promptly and started right to work. Within a mere matter of minutes Cindy showed me exactly what the problem was... ME! And, she did this beautifully. Her knowledge is unlimited and within just 30 minutes my dogs were beginning to transform. You can see this happening right before you eyes and it is truly amazing. She spent just over three hours with us and, when she left that day, I had drastically different dogs. It has been three days and things are still going well. Cindy has checked in with me frequently and if I have had questions, I get a very fast and helpful, encouraging reply. She left me with tools to refer to. I just can't sing her praises loud enough! Please consider letting Cindy help you with your dog. I can promise you that you will never regret meeting Cindy. She will change your life with your pet forever. Thank you, Cindy!