Deborah Martin

The team at Let's Train Your dog was amazing with our Ginger... after 2 years of trying everything (including other trainers who said to give up on her), we finally found them and they were able to address her EXTREME Anxiety issues. This was no small feat and they went above and beyond to get Ginger through it which then enabled her to adopt and retain the training. We were amazed when she came home--just the adorable parts left and no more of the door dashing, jumping up, pacing, pulling, barking, and drooling dog. She is so much happier now, as are we, and the minimal "training" we pet parents had to learn, was super easy and sooo informative for continuing to keep us all this way. This recovery training went so well that we are now even considering doing some agility training with her as she is so calm, focused and eager to please. The team at Let's Train Your Dog is nothing short of miracle workers--if you have a dog you love who is struggling, don't wait a year like we did to get to the best trainers in Utah!