Sabrina Gardner

Cindy is so much more than a dog trainer! She takes you inside the psychology of your dog and helps you understand their behavior in a brand new way. She broke it down into simple steps that provided me the information I needed as a new dog owner. I realized that I had been doing everything backwards! Cindy kindly showed me how pack mentality, alphas and other instinctive traits in our dogs play into their behavior. When you know how to work with their instincts and set positive boundaries - good behavior is the result!

Her initial puppy training in a game changer! Your brand new puppy will spend a week with her expert team and come home crate trained, sleeping through the night, started on potty training and weaned onto the food of your choice. I couldn't believe what a difference that made. They also provide a schedule so you can get off on the right foot. Cindy is always willing to answer questions and provide guidance when you encounter any issues. As a new dog owner this was immensely helpful!

At Let's Train Your Dog, they use the best methods that are the kindest to your dog while also teaching them boundaries so that you can enjoy your dog to the fullest without those frustrations of bad behavior. She also helped us a little later down the line when we needed help with training as our dog had become the boss in our home and was frustrating our family. After a week with Cindy, our sweet dog is home, happy and behaving beautifully. I honestly can't say enough about Cindy, her methods and her team. I recommend them to anyone with a dog!