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Cindy is quite simply a life saver!  I have a 11 month old Great Dane and a 2 year old terrier rescue that I’ve had since late October. The terrier was obviously abused in her past life and has severe separation anxiety, destructive behaviors and would not stop peeing in my house. After months of trying to work with her I decided to try one more trainer and if that didn’t work I would have to put her down because if I couldn’t train her no one else would take her either. Searching in desperation I came across Cindy’s web site and gave her a call. She promptly set an appointment with me the for that week. Cindy arrived promptly and started right to work. Within a mere matter of minutes Cindy showed me exactly what the problem was… ME! And, she did this beautifully. Her knowledge is unlimited and within just 30 minutes my dogs were beginning to transform. You can see this happening right before you eyes and it is truly amazing. She spent just over three hours with us and, when she left that day, I had drastically different dogs. It has been three days and things are still going well. Cindy has checked in with me frequently and if I have had questions, I get a very fast and helpful, encouraging reply. She left me with tools to refer to. I just can’t sing her praises loud enough! Please consider letting Cindy help you with your dog. I can promise you that you will never regret meeting Cindy. She will change your life with your pet forever. Thank you, Cindy!

~David Woods

I don’t even know where to begin on how much my Husband and I love Cindy! We have a year and a half old German Shepherd that has a very dominant and agressive behavior when strangers came around. He’s an amazing dog but strangers aren’t his thing. I told Cindy we also have a Golden Doodle who is also a year and a half old, but we were only needing help with the German Shepherd. She said they both needed the training so they are both on the same page.

Cindy came to our home to see their environment and how they acted when people came over. She blew my mind! Both dogs are both Alpha way more than I thought they were, just in different ways they become Alpha. I love she how she teaches you why they act the way they do, gives you the tools and information to correct the behavior, and all of this is done without a shock or pinch collar. It’s only been a week and we are amazed at the progress in just 7 days.

I wish I called her sooner! Don’t hesitate if you need help, she will help your dogs in ways you don’t even think about! She’s amazing!

~Nickolai & Melissa Glazier

When our family got a new puppy, I thought that with all the free information online, we didn’t need to hire any formal trainer. I did a lot of research and was confident in my self-acquired knowledge- it all seemed pretty straightforward. Hahaha, well after a few months into it, I knew something wasn’t working and after more research, I called Cindy. BEST DECISION I EVER MADE! Cindy is not your run of the mill trainer, she truly cares about everyone involved in the process. She was patient and fantastic with my kids, and kind with us all. She has stuck with us through the whole process and has become both teacher and friend. Thank you, Cindy!

~Jennie Robison
Saratoga Springs

I love Cindy and her teaching/training method. She teaches you and introduces you to the mind of your dog. She is fun, understanding, and adapts to your needs and space. I was beyond frustrated with my Figaro and Cindy came and helped him and me. I assure you she is worth your time and your money!! Call her!

~Fernanda Hernandez
Spanish Fork

Oh my goodness!! We just had Cindy at our home to train our 4 month old Nala. In just 20 minutes, Cindy had Nala doing EXACTLY what we wanted her to do. It was absolutely amazing and I am so excited to continue working with Nala to make her the amazing dog she is meant to be. My husband and I highly recommend Cindy and her wonderful expertise. Cindy is so sweet and personable. It is obvious how much she cares and wants you and your 4 legged family member to succeed. Call her!! You will not regret it!

~Amber Shields

We were very pleased with our experience with Cindy, partly because she doted on our dog, Rosie! She was very informative about dog behavior and helped us understand a better way to interact with our dog. We liked her “gentle” and positive approach. We also like that we can continue to contact her with questions and concerns. Our dog was never out of control, but she has now learned who the Alpha is in the house! She seems less stressed and more relaxed. Her barking has decreased to acceptable levels…she just gives a few barks and then stops. She’s walking on a loose lease right by my side, has started eating regular dry dog food again instead of insisting on canned dog food, and has stopped jumping on me whenever I come home.

~Merrie & Jim Smithson
Salt Lake City

Cindy saved the day with the puppy t raining of our new dog. We were lost without her.
Money well spent for sure.

Garrett & Jacqueline Blood

UPDATE: We love Cindy!  She saved us! We can’t recommend her enought? She went over and beyond in helping us getting started on the right foot with our new puppy.  She loved on him and helped us so much in teaching us what to do and what not to do.  We will be thankful forever for her!

We adopted Dante 6 months ago. He is 3 years old and had been very neglected. He is a wonderful dog but we were disconcerted by the fact that he bit three times. I called several trainers. They seemed skilled but I wasn’t comfortable with their policies and there was no way I could afford their prices.

Cindy helped us with Dante a few nights ago. It was remarkable to see the immediate change in him. She explained the reason he bit was because he was afraid and felt he needed to protect us. She showed us how to take our place as Alpha dog. I have to say, Dante responded immediately. He is so relaxed and you can tell he is so much happier. He has responded to every aspect of his training: barking, jumping, rushing out the door, pulling on the lead and lunging at people and other dogs. That is within just a few days!

I would definitely go back to Cindy if I had another problem dog. She gives you the key to understanding your dog!

~Elizabeth Sexton
Spanish Fork

CINDY RULES IT ! Her methods are proven and work. If your a dog owner that DOESN’T realize that you have to take part in the changing of your dogs & your lives for the better then YOU will never be able to let your dog truly be HAPPY ( and yourself )) !

Her training methods have allowed this POSITIVE change to take place in our two dogs. Charlie & Mokey have already changed their demeanor and attitude and I’m EXCITED to watch and experience the rest of this amazing transformation together !!!

Thank you Cindy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU !!!

~Matt Luke Family
Cottonwood Heights

We were purchasing a shock collar out of desperation with our out of control 7 mo old golden doodle. The people were selling it because they didn’t need it. They had hired a dog trainer that actually came to their house. So we decided to try that. Cindy has been amazing. Her enthusiasm is so contagious and in juse the first hour we could see a difference. She continuously checks in with us and if we have questions she has been right there for us. Her assistance hasn’t ended with her visit to our home. Our dog is learning to relax and now so are we!

~Scott & Melanie Heath
North Ogden

Cindy is a magician. We have a blue heeler and until Cindy came and showed us the ropes, our heeler had a small aggression problem towards other dogs and men. She was a little ball of anxiety. Cindy came over and explained to us why she acts that way and showed us plus our dog how to relax and have a different mindset.

Very affordable pricing compared to the $1,000+ other places charge, and it’s in the comfort of our own home!

I highly recommend her to everyone, in just a day our heeler has calmed down so much and has been almost like a whole new dog!

~Ally & Alex Vogs

I have LOVED working with Cindy. She really is available whenever I need to call her and ask questions about my dogs! She’s amazing.

Let me get to the thick of my problems with my two pups. Our boy, Zoli, has been with us since he was 3 months old and is a ‘pure’ American Pit Bull Terrier. He is so sweet, which shows because his favorite activity is ROCKETING himself across the living room and into your lap, jumping and trying to lick your face off (which is good if you need your ears cleaned), and just trying to be as close to you as physically possible because he loves so much.

My husband and I decided he needs a friend to help alleviate some of his crazy bonkers energy (first time dog owners now laughing at how naive we were- puppies are hyper… duh) so when he was 7 months old (July 2017) we went to the Humane Society and got his sister, Zita. She was 9 months old at the time and is a pitbull mix (not sure what the mix is). We took him with us to meet her before bringing him home and they hit it off immediately. Running/rolling around together and playing 24/7. It was so cute and we (my husband and I) high fived at how proud we were of finding him such a fun friend.

Our home is the first home that Zita has ever lived in and we all know how depressing a shelter can be. We quickly realized that she has separation anxiety and whenever we left she would get out of our yard anyway possible and try to find us. I swear everyone in the neighborhood knows her and hates us because she was ALWAYS getting out. She jumps on people and nips/only bites with her front teeth as a way to play. With this we’ve been showing her a LOT of attention and Zoli, the OG dog, has been getting jealous so he started taking her toys while she would play with them, taking her food when she would try to eat, and if he saw her cuddling with a human he would try to get in the middle.

One night, she decided to fight back and it was AWFUL. Growling and barking and biting.. they would NOT let go of each other and I couldn’t pull them off each other for at least 10 minutes (home alone so no one there could help me and I have .05% muscle, if that). Since then, about 3 weeks ago, they have gotten in to 6 more HUGE fights. Blood all over themselves and the walls and my husband/myself. Its been traumatizing. I contacted Cindy begging for help and she came just 36 hours later.

First, she worked with each dog separately to address the jumping and typical puppy with no boundaries/ thinking they own the place type stuff. Then she worked with both dogs together. We have not been able to have them even close to the same room as each other with out them fighting. We got them on leashes and are in the process of slowing re-introducing them to each other.

Cindy helped us with finding the right process to prevent them from fighting and getting out home/happy babies back and it’s been great! I just called her to get her advice on them and to talk about some ideas I had and she told me she had been thinking about them and talked to a few of her friends in her field and gave me more solutions to integrate the pups again.

She CARES and is ready/willing to come by again to help us out if ever needed.. seriously she is NOT in the dog training business for the money.. it’s because she cares about these wonderful animals and helping them have the best life with their owners.

Having her on our “team” is priceless. You will not go wrong working with her. I will continue to update the status of my pups as it progresses! My favorite thing so far is not even 3 hours after Cindy left, our boy didn’t jump on my husband at all after he got home from an apt.. he just patiently waited for my husband to pet him. We just stared at my dog in SHOCK like “who is this dog?!” and we both just laughed in disbelief. Cindy is GREAT.

~Kylie Szabo
Salt Lake City

It has been 24 hours and my puppy that wouldn’t listen or sleep through the night. Has now turned a 360 and has slept and listening. Cindy is absolutely amazing. Any age dog she can help. Don’t let your pup run your life. Let Cindy help you!

Annie is making steady progress, thanks to Cindy. Annie only barks once or twice at activity outside the house, she comes when I call her, she doesn’t pull on the leash (mostly), and she waits to be fed. It’s only been three weeks since Cindy visited. Cindy has trained me, as well as Annie! She explained Annie”s bad behavior and helped me turn it around. Cindy is always available by phone or email to answer questions and provide help. Dog training is a continuous and time-consuming activity. Cindy helped make it a successful activity, too.

~Fran Cragle
Park City

I was skeptical at first, then I saw it work with my own eyes and with my own dogs. I was blown away. Cindy is awesome! She explains the philosophy, and you begin to see with new eyes and to understand your dogs behavior!! She worked with me one-on-one for two hours, including hands on training. I saw it work! I am seeing it work!! I can do this!! It will be an I give g training, but I can do it and so can my dogs. Cindy will always be available when I get stuck, or need help addressing a problem. And the best thing is it’s gentle, non-aggressive training between you and your pets. No pain tactics or fear tactics. It is pure and simple. My advice? You want a happy pet and a very happy owner? Call Cindy and be prepared to be amazed!! I still am!

~Londa Heaton
Salt Lake City

Cindy is amazing!! She is very personable and so fun to work with!! I never thought I’d see such a huge change in my dog and his behavior in just two hours. At first I was very skeptical that we would be able to make a change so quickly but her methods started working right away!! 30 minutes after she left someone outside was making all sorts of commotion and my dog didn’t growl or bark, just looked at the door and listened! I highly recommend Cindy!! She knows her stuff!!

~Allie Lunt
Salt Lake City

Our family owes you a debt of gratitude! I was sooo worried we would have to give up a dog that my boys absolutely dote on. She is their playmate and friend. Now….thanks to you…she knows her place in the family and is behaving better than ever. She knows her boundaries and that is HUGE! Our other older dog has also benefitted from the training we received. I thank him when he barks once to let me know something or someone is about and he wags his tail and settles down. The 5 golden rules will make our lives with dogs more pleasant and content. You’re as good as any dog whisperer we’ve seen ☺.

~Cindy Hunt
American Fork

Cindy has been an answer to our prayers! Our cute companion Duke had been with us for about 4 years. He not only barked aggressively towards my husband, but anyone who came into our home that he didn’t know. He was in a constant state of anxiety when others entered our home. Finally I had to let him go to my daughter to care for. After two years he came back to live with us and I had to find the very best to help in the training of Duke. The plan of training is so simple and completely non-aggressive!

It’s been a month now and Duke is changing after 6 years of trying everything. My family, husband and clients have noticed a big change in him. His barking has been reduced by more than half and his anxiety is lessoning. The stress in our home is now so much less!

Thank you, Cindy! You’re our hero!!

~Brenda Tolman,

I want to thank you so much for all the help you gave to me and my dog, Prince. He has a lot of issues but his jumping and barking are the worst. I had to put him in the other room when people came because he would act so crazy. After working with him for just a couple of hours, I can’t believe it’s the same dog! It’s amazing! He gets better every day. I’ve spent so much time and money with numerous dog trainers in this city and combined they didn’t do as much as you did in one visit! I’ve told everyone I know so expect your phone to start ringing! 🙂

P. S. When you provided extra help a couple of weeks later when I had questions was awesome! I never expected you to take the time since my consult was over. It’s a welcomed thing indeed when people stand behind their work. Thanks again!!

I was referred to Cindy and “Let’s Train Your Dog!” by a friend of mine who spoke very highly of her. I have adopted rescue dogs for years now and they generally come with some baggage. My black little girl is part Border Collie and Australian Shepherd. I got her when she was nine months old and had been abused and did not like men. Both dogs barked excessively and nothing I have tried has worked. Cindy came to my home and taught me that Sabre is making all the decisions and is barking because she thinks she’s in charge and has to keep me safe. She taught me the 5 Golden Rules in dog training. I noticed a difference before she even left my house. The dogs are so much better now and listen to me when I tell them to be quiet. My house is so much calmer. We were all stressed out because of the noise and the incessant barking. I can’t believe the difference. Thank you, Cindy, for taking the time to come to my home and help me.

Best of luck!!

~Elaine & Stephen Koviak

We have been dog owners for many years and think of them as part of the family. Having said this we were reluctant to have someone work with them for fear they may be mistreated. When we heard about Let’s Train Your Dog which, involved having the owner, Cindy, come to our home and work with us as well as the dogs, it sounded like something we were interested in. Our main issue with our dogs was their crazy behavior when someone came to the door. We tried many different tactics to get them to stop but nothing worked, in fact it seemed to make it worse. We got to the point that if we knew someone was coming to our home we would watch for them to arrive then quickly put them in the back yard. We scheduled an appointment with Let’s Train Your Dog! Cindy arrived a few minutes early which is always appreciated, she became acquainted with the dogs and asked several questions about them including any behavior issues. After working with them for several minutes both dogs crazy doorbell rage was greatly decreased. We continued to work with them for several days and got them to the point that we never thought was possible. All with a kind and gentle approach as promised.

~Guy and Anna Markus,
West Jordan

I was skeptical at first to try more training because I’ve already done so many classes. I had given up but Cindy coming to our home to see my dog barking and jumping was the answer! I’ve been to classes but my pit bull mix, Geronimo, doesn’t act the same there as he does at home. Cindy was able to see it first hand and taught me how to stop the behavior and be the leader. Now he barks twice to tell me someone is at the door and then stops when asked. His jumping has stopped completely. My mom will come by now and isn’t afraid of getting knocked over. It was worth every penny!

~Gayle Lopez,
West Valley City

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